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International Students






 1) What do I need to enrol in a 1st cycle Degree Course of the University of Palermo?

You need a school leaving qualification awarded after completion of 12 years of global schooling and, if needed in your Country, the proof of passing the university eligibility examination.

If the school system of reference provides a global schooling period shorter than 12 years the procedure is as follows:

 - in case of an 11-year global schooling qualification, you’ll need a 1st cycle Degree or you should prove to have passed all the required exams for the first year of a Degree Course;

 - in case of a 10-year global schooling qualification, you’ll need to pass all the examinations of the first two years of a Degree Course.


 2) What do I need to enrol in a 2nd cycle Degree Course (Master Course)?

You’ll need a first cycle University Degree. You may choose only 2nd cycle Degree Courses compliant with your 1st cycle Degree.


 3) What should I do to enrol?

With reference to foreign study qualifications and related documents, Italian diplomatic authorities (Embassies, Consulates, Cultural Institutes, etc.), on request of the holders of the qualifications concerned or of their delegates, perform the following operations, commonly referred to as "perfezionamento documenti". The diplomatic authorities:

 1. issue the Dichiarazione di valore in loco;

 2. confirm non-official translations (those performed by non-professional translators);

 3. see to the consular legalization of foreign documents.


 4) Where and when should I apply?

Pre-enrolments are needed only for non-EU citizens living abroad. They should apply at the Italian Embassy in their Country within the deadlines fixed by the Embassy itself and, in any case, before July 15th.


 5) What is the deadline for enrolment applications?

For courses with limited access, the deadlines are established through the relevant application calls; for the courses with unlimited access, see the University website:, or


 6) Which are the fees and dues for foreign students?

In accordance with the Rectoral Decree 2565 of 2010, extra-UE students enrolling in the first year of a 2nd cycle (Master) Degree Course will not pay tuition fees as they are considered as a part of the zero-income range; they pay only the registration fees, while UE students and Italian students with foreign degree will pay the tuition fees provided for the first income range.


No facilitations are provided for enrolments in 1st cycle Degree Courses (Lauree) as well as in single-cycle Degree Courses (Lauree Magistrali a ciclo Unico: “Medicine and Surgery”, “School of Dentistry”, “Law”, “Building Engineering-Architecture” and “Architecture”)


 7) Are there any courses taught in English?

The following 2nd cycle degrees offer some courses in English:

 - Economic and Financial Science (the Degree Course is fully taught in English);

 - Mechanical Engineering;

 - Management Engineering;

 - Single-cycle (five-year) course in Law




 8) Do I need to pass an Italian language test?

An Italian language examination is mandatory to be admitted to both 1st cycle Degrees and single-cycle Degrees; in accordance with the Rectoral Degree 3676 of 2010, no Italian language test is needed to be admitted to 2nd cycle Degree Courses;

the Italian Language Test will be organised on September 3rd  2012.


 9) Does the University arrange Italian language courses for foreigners?

At the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the School of Italian for Foreigners arranges Italian language courses also in summer.


 10) Who should I ask for further information?

The names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of useful contact persons are available on the University website:

For issues related to the stay permit you can contact


Single subject courses


 1) What do I need to enrol in single subject courses?

You need to a be a student of a foreign University. If you come from an extra-EU Country, the Italian Embassy in your country will certify this for you; on the contrary, if you come from one of the EU Countries, an official certificate of the University you are attending will be sufficient. If you wish to enrol in single subject courses and you come from a University with which the University of Palermo has signed a cooperation agreement, you will not need to submit any certificates, since your status is set forth in the cooperation agreement.


 2) How much does it cost to enrol in single subject courses?

You’ll pay €50 for operating costs plus €50 for each single course. The costs may vary in case of cooperation agreements in force between your University and UNIPA.


 3) What are the cooperation agreements in force?

You should ask your University if there are any agreements with the University of Palermo.


 4) Is it possible to attend one or two six-month terms of a Degree Course at the University of Palermo?

You may attend one or two six-month terms, without enrolling in the Degree Course, if you acquire single subject courses. In this case, you might also attend courses offered by different Degree programmes.


 5) Is it possible to choose single subject courses in all Degree Courses?

Yes, you may enrol in single subject courses in all Degree Courses for 24 credits in total (no more than two courses), if you are a free-mover. If your University has specific agreements with the University of Palermo, You may attend more courses, depending on the agreement specification.


 6) Is there a deadline to enrol in single subject courses?

Extra-EU students should pre-enrol at the Italian Embassies in their Country within the deadlines set for each year.

For all students, and for the academic year 2011/2012 the deadlines are as follows:

25th august 2012, for courses organised in the 1st term

29th December 2012, for courses organised in 2nd term

The payment of fees might be done through credit card, using the link "Pagamento online", on the page: hhtp://