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Research Area

Active Research fields

The research is based on two key areas: the development of models to describe the physical phenomenon and energy management.

Among the recent research activities stand out:

- Management systems for recharging electric vehicles;

- Energy harvesting with piezoelectric elements;

- Models of HVAC and HVDC systems;

- Models of systems subject to partial discharge;

- Interaction between lightning and electrical systems;

- Models photovoltaic systems.

Research projects of the last 5 years

1) development of a research project funded by the European Committee of Manufacturers of Domestic Equipment - CECED: "Contracts for the support of household appliances control and monitoring application interworking specification". 
2) participation in PRIN 2008: "Measurements of partial discharges in electronic converters of electric drives for traction." 
3) Participating in PON 2010 (01_00700 Code) "Ambition Power" implementing body: ST Microeletronics concerning microelectronics and microsystems. 
4) Participating in PON 2012 (Project i-NEXT eligible for funding under Axis II of the R & C 2007-2013 PON with the notice 'Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation (DD Prot. 84 / Ric. 2 March 2012).) t
5) Participation in PON 2012 (Ministerial Decree Prot. 629 Ric. Of 08/10/2012) "Energetic Technologies for Energy and Energy Efficiency" project supervisor: District Technology Sicily Micro and Nano Systems Scarl. 


Collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano for the development of automotive systems


Active research

Head of the Laboratory of Applied Electrical Engineering - LEAP

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