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Research Area

Active Research fields

Cancer genomics for diagnosis and personalized therapy in oncology

New therapeutic approach for tissue regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells and Combined synthetic scaffold.

Identification of new molecular markers of cancer stem cells for early detection and treatment of tumors of epithelial origin.


Study of the resistance mechanisms to chemotherapy of cancer stem cells.

Research projects of the last 5 years



P. I. of Italy-Usa program “Dissecting the molecular mechanisms of glioblastoma stem cell contribution to tumor vascularization to design new therapeutic approach for glioblastoma”.

Coordinator of Grant AIRC "Cancer Stem Cells: new molecular targets involved in tumor metastasis".



P. I. of AIRC 5x1000 Special Program Molecular Clinical Oncology "Development of effective cancer therapy based on functional proteomics and cancer stem cells targeting".

Coordinator at University of Palermo of PON I 2007-20013/FESR "Development of a new technology platform for non-invasive treatment of cancer and infectious diseases using focused ultrasound".

P. I. of PON I 2007-20013/FESR "Innovative technology platforms for tissue engineering".

P. I. of PON I 2007-20013/FESR "Biomarkers identification and development of diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the oncology and vascular biology field "

P. I. PON I 2007-20013/FESR "Development of targeted therapeutic technologies with reduced side effects".


Coordinator of Grant AIRC "Oncogene-driven transformation Normal versus Cancer Stem Cells".


P. I. Molecular Clinical Oncology Extension Program AIRC 5X1000 "Development of effective cancer therapies based on functional proteomics and cancer stem cell targeting".


Coordinator of Grant AIRC "Molecular mechanisms underlying thyroid cancer metastasis: emergence from tumor dormancy".


 German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germania)

Imperial College, Hammersmith Hospital (Londra)

 Department of Cancer Biology, University of Massachussetts Medical School (USA)

  University of Toronto, Programme in Developmental Biology (Canada)

 University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, Department of Internal Medicine (USA)

 Peter MacCallum Cancer Center, Gene Regulation Laboratory (Melbourne, Australia).

  Academic Medical Center (AMC, Amsterdam) 

Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS, Roma)

Active research

the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Pathophysiology is fully equipped with last generation technology including: Spectral Scanning Confocal Microscope a System for Live molecular imaging, last generation DNA sequencer (MiSeq), robotics for DNA manipulation, TaqMan devise, microarray equipments, FACS unit provided with a key platform  cell purification and sorting, all cell biology-related instruments and finally an animal house for all the procedure related to mouse xenotrasplantation.

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