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Neutron-gamma mixed field measurements by means of MCP-TLD600 dosimeter pair


In this paper, we compared the TL response of three types of thermoluminescence dosimeters, TLD600 (6LiF:Mg,Ti), TLD700 (7LiF:Mg,Ti) and MCP (LiF:Mg,Cu,P) after exposure to a n–γ mixed field in the fluence range of radiotherapeutic applications. Since a dosimeter pair is required to discriminate the two components of the mixed field, we analyzed the ability of each dosimeter pair to provide the fluence value in the mixed field. At this aim we performed a 60Co–γ calibration and a neutron calibration for all three dosimeter types. Finally, a blind test was performed in order to analyze the accuracy of each dosimeter pair and we found that in this mixed field the fluence value obtained through the TLD600–MCP pair is as accurate as the value obtained through the most common TLD600–TLD700 pair.