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Research Area

Active Research fields

My research interests are focused on generative semiotics. I have been dealing with new and old media, gastronomy, politics, space, all topics studied in their character of being "speeches" of the contemporary, constituting the common sense. In particular, I have been concerned to study online communities (urban and culinary blogs), films (Babette's feast, culinary cinema), restaurants (Noma in Copenhagen), cartoons for the early childhood (Peppa Pig).

Research projects of the last 5 years

Politic cookery. The language of food between social practices and ideological representations.  Link:


For years I have been collaborating with the International Center for Science Semiotics of Urbino.

I am currently promoting a collaboration between the Department of Culture and Society of the University of Palermo and the CUNY University of New York (
under definition). The agreement includes joint publications, organization of conferences, exchanges of ideas and the promotion of student initiatives, mutual support to students when possible.

Active research

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