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Presentazione al volume Nilde Iotti : declinazioni di un’esperienza politica e istituzionale


The pages of the volume Nilde Iotti. Declinations of a political and institutional experience, edited by Claudia Giurintano and with the preface by Francesca Russo, President of the Scientific Committee of the Iotti Foundation - testify to the enthusiasm with which some professors of the Department of Political Sciences and International Relations of the University of Palermo (A. Blando, M. Buscemi, D. Ferrara, C. Giurintano, MC Parlato, M. Patti, A. Pera and G. Tumminelli) wanted to join the proposal of the Nilde Iotti Foundation to offer their scientific contribution in the centenary of the birth of a great Mother of our Republic. These are essays that exemplify the specificity of a Department which has among its objectives the activation and development of interdisciplinary research and collaboration with scientific and cultural institutions here authoritatively represented by the Iotti Foundation. From a multidisciplinary point of view, with different methodological approaches, the book expresses the moment of dialogue, between historians, jurists and sociologists, called to decline, according to their skills, the many aspects of thought and action of a multifaceted political protagonist who in all institutional roles always knew how to convey passion, a sense of duty, respect for institutions.