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Research Area

Active Research fields

Research projects of the last 5 years

  • P.O.N. 2007-2013 – Asse I - progetti di ricerca industriale. Full title: Advanced solutions based on complex matrix composite biomaterials for minimally invasive repair and regeneration of articular cartilage." Project Acronym: SIB. Proposal number/contract number: PON01_01287.

Coordinator: Prof. Giulio Ghersi (STEBICEF – UniPa).

ROLE: Responsible for the Research Line "Synthesis and characterisation of injectable gels".

DURATION TIME: from 01-06-2011 to 30-05-2014


  • Programma Operativo Nazionale. P.O.N. 2007-2013: Asse I. Asse I. Obiettivo Progetto di potenziamento strutturale.

Full title: "Mediterranean Center for Human Health Advanced Biotechnologies". Project Acronym:CHAB.

Proposal number/contract number: PONa3_00273.

Coordinator: Prof. G. Ghersi (Ufficio Ricerca –UniPa).

DURATION TIME: from 01-09-2011 to 31-08-2014


  • Programma Operativo Regionale del Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale. PO FERS SICILIA 2007-2013 - Linea di intervento 4.1.2.A. Full title: “ Regional Platform for Traslational Research in Healthcare". Proposal number/contract number: CUP B65E1200057008.

Coordinator: Prof. M. Averna (Dipartimento di Medicina Interna e Specialistica DIBIMIS – UniPa).

ROLE: Responsible of the Research Lines (i) "Radiation Processing for the production of polymeric nanocarriers of drugs and contrast agents"; (ii). "Radiation Processingfor the production of polymeric scaffolds for rigenerative medicine".

DURATION TIME: from 01-10-2011 to 31-12-2014


  • P.O.N. 2007-2013 - Distretto Tecnologico Sicilia Micro e Nano Sistemi. Full title: “Development of Micro and Nanotechnologies for Human Health”. Project Acronym: HIPPOCRATES. Proposal number/contract number: PON02_00355_2964193.

Coordinator: Prof. G. Giammona (STEBICEF – UniPa).

ROLE: Responsible for the Research Line: "Carrier basati su micro e nanosistemi di polimeri vinilici o acrilici e/o polimeri coniugati elettroattivi o polimeri termoplastici"; Sub-line: "Nanogeli”

DURATION TIME: from 01-06-2012 to 30-05-2015


  • MIUR - PRIN 2010-2011 Full title: "Nanotecnologie molecolari per il rilascio controllato di farmaci- Molecular nanotechnologies for drug controlled release".

Project Acronym: NANOMED. Proposal number/contract number: 2010FPTBSH

ROLE: Local coordinator.

DURATION TIME: from 01-02-2013 to 31-01-2016


  • Horizon 2020 – Call H2020-LCE-2014-1 – Topic: LCE-01-2014 – Type of action: RIA. Proposal number: SEP-210184404. Full title: Conversion of Low Grade Heat to Power through closed loop Reverse Electro-Dialysis.

Project Acronym: RED-Heat-to-Power

Proposal contract number:640667.

International Coordinator: WIP (Germany). Local Coordinator: Prof. G.M. Micale.

ROLE: Responsible for the Sub-task 4.2.1 "Temperature sensitive hydrogels" of the Task 4.2 "Assessment of potential of forward osmosis with temperature-sensitive drawing agents." of WP4. "Regeneration systems operating with very low-Temperature source".

DURATION TIME: from: 01-05-2015 to date.


Active research

- Laser flash photolysis apparatus

- UV-vis spectrofotometer

- (Bio-)Polymer synthesis and modification

- Freeze drier

- Viscosimeter

- Ultracentrifuge


Services delivered under the right of third parties

- Study of aging phenomena of polymers and polymeric composites

- Study of gel structure and properties

- Development of strategies for improving toughness of composite laminates

- Study of high energy irradiation interaction with polymers