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Research Area

Active Research fields

Clinical neurophysiology and non-invasive brain stimulation applied to: 1. study of cortical functions and dysfunctional alterations underlying neurological diseases (post-stroke cognitive disorders, migraine, neurodegenerative diseases); 2.therapeutic and rehabilitative applicazioni with particular regard to pain (migraines, fibromyalgia) and post-stroke cognitive rehabilitation (aphasia, neglect). Headache and migraine: clinical and epidemiological aspects; clinical trials

Research projects of the last 5 years

RF-2010-2319745: "Presbiphagia: analysis of diagnostic criteria and identification of potential innovative treatment." Ricerca Finalizzata 2010 project of  IItalian Ministry of Health; role: Operative Unit responsible.



Prof. N. Bolognini, Prof. G. Vallar: University  Milano Bicocca. Milan Italy

Prof.ssa Berti, Prof. L.Pia, Dott.ssa R. Ricci: University of Torino, Italy

Prof.ssa M. De Tommaso: University of Bari , Italy

Dott. E. Alfonsi, IRCCS Mondino, Pavia, Italy

Prof. G. Sandrini, Prof.ssa C. Tassorelli, IRCCS Mondino, Pavia, Italy

Prof. A. A. Sacks, University of Maastricht, Netherland

Active research


List of equipment examinations and assessments carried out with clinical and research purposes:
1. transcranial magnetic stimulation (single shot, repetitive or theta-burst);
2. transcranial electrical stimulation with continuous current / alternating;
3. EEG, evoked potentials, elettromioneurografia.
Alternative drug treatments: Botulinum toxin for treating refractory chronic migraine.

Treatments for a fee: see below


Services delivered under the right of third parties

Neurostimulation treatments for tinnitus, drug-resistant depression, neuropathic pain