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Mediterranean Diet as a tool for achieving successful ageing


Targeted interventions to slow or postpone ageing and to favour an active life expectancy represent the new perspectives in ageing investigation. Some mechanisms that delay or prevent the onset of ageing disabilities and pathologies have been identified. In general, maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems to reduce many risk factors. In particular, eating habits represent the most concrete and low-cost method to address ageing. Of all dietary habits analysed, the Mediterranean diet has received much attention since it has consistently proven its beneficial influence on health and longevity. The Mediterranean diet is characterized by low glycaemic index and low animal protein intake, it is rich in nutraceuticals and functional foods thus reducing molecular pathways signalling, as nutrient sensitive pathways which affect the ageing process and lead to unhealthy ageing. This dietary model can be promoted as an “anti-ageing therapy” and can contribute to good health status and therefore to a better quality of life.