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General Aspects

dottorato general aspects


The primary objective of the doctoral training courses is the acquisition of skills required to carry on high quality research activities at universities, public or private companies. For this purpose, students are trained, through continuous experimental researches and a proper specialist trail, to obtain the highest degree of expertise, and to develop self-organizing ability for researches in an international competitive context.

The PhD program takes also advantage of the collaboration with institutions and organizations of national and international research in the context of agreements already entered into by the University of Palermo and others that may be activated in view of an ever-increasing development of chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and technological research in all its aspects. This aggregation has over the years showed significant synergistic effects especially with regard to the inter-departmental collaboration, completeness, scientific importance, and breadth of research carried out.

In the past few years, also the Institute of Nanostructured Materials of the National Research Council of Palermo (ISMN-CNR) has contributed to the research of the PhD Program.

The close collaboration between the different expertises of the PhD board in Molecular and Biomolecular Sciences allows a synergistic development of educational objectives, also through joint seminars, to obtain a broader level of knowledge of the PhD students.