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Scienze Psicologiche, Pedagogiche, dell’Esercizio Fisico e della Formazione


Introduction of the Department SPPEF

The Department of Psychology, Educational Science and Human Movement (SPPEFF) promotes and coordinates both teaching and research activities in the field of Psychological, Educational, and Human Movement Sciences. The Department SPPEFF has a teaching and research staff of more than 70 teachers and young researchers. The strategic plan of the Department SPPEFF is based on the need to create connections between scientific fields dealing with the psychophysical well-being, the education and lifelong learning to contribute to the advancement of the research as well as to the development of the society. In particular, the main areas of teaching and research are:

  • Psychological area, that is focused on the analysis of the processes underlying the behaviors and the adaptation of individuals, groups, and communities, in order to develop and carry out interventions of different kinds (clinical, psychosocial, promotion of wellbeing in the life cycle).
  • Pedagogical area, that is focused on the epistemological, historical, and philosophical aspects of the research in the field of education.
  • Human movement area, that aims at providing the skills to teach and manage motor and sport activities for individuals of all ages. Moreover, to design special programs aimed at fostering physical effectiveness of people with problems related to disabilities of inadequate lifestyles. Finally, the study and the assessment of motor and sport performances.
  • Training area, that is focused on the study and the design of professionalization processes of teachers and/or educators involved in kindergarten, primary school and adult education in order to strengthen the vocational and training system.

In addition to teaching and research activities, the Department SPPEFF aims at promoting activities to exploit the findings of its research activities as well to transfer its knowledge in the reference territory (public engagement). For this purpose, the Department promotes: 1) the diffusion of a culture of management of intellectual property; 2) the diffusion of a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation; 3) the support to graduated students and young researchers in creating start-up companies; 4) the implementation of services of clinical trial, education and lifelong learning, and other services useful for the territory.


Historical background. 

The Department SPPEFF derives from the Department of Psychology that was formerly founded the 01/01/1987 (D.R. N° 176 of 29/12/1986).

The current Department was founded as a consequence of the Law 240/2010 and of the new Statute of the University. By means of Rectoral Decree N° 845 of 10/03/2014 the de nomination of the Department of Psychology was changed in Department of Psychological and Educational Science. This change meets the three needs: (a) to acknowledge the variation of the composition of the teaching staff of the Department, with a wide presence of colleagues from pedagogical area; (b) the management by the Department of the degree courses in Education and Primary Education, in addition to the courses in Psychology; (c) the increasingly integration between fields of research and intervention related to both psychological and educational sciences.

Finally, by means of Rectoral Decree N° 0069790 of 27/09/2018, the name of the Department has been further changed in Department of Psychology, Educational Science and Human Movement (SPPEFF) to acknowledge the huge presence of colleague working in the field of Human Movement and Sport Science.