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Course presentation and educational aims


Description and educational aims

The PhD course aims to train high-profile professionals capable of contributing to the scientific and technological progress of 21st century society, in which the role of knowledge generation and innovation is a key factor to ensure social, environmental and economic sustainability in all countries around the world.

In particular, the PhD course aims to make PhD students acquire all the technical-scientific skills fundamental for the generation of new knowledge in the research fields of Chemical, Environmental, Biomedical, Hydraulic and Materials Engineering.

The presence of two curricula allows to reach a high level of specialization in the individual areas, while ensuring synergy of skills and knowledge, a key factor to successfully face the global challenges of European research for society and industrial competitiveness, in macro- areas such as (i) Health (ii) Climate, Energy and Mobility, and (iii) Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment, all characterized by strong interdisciplinarity and complexity.

The international nature of the PhD course guarantees all PhD students to benefit from the research experience gained in the international context and the wealth of knowledge coming from the members of the college belonging to foreign universities of five continents.

Employment opportunities

The employment opportunities of PhD students are related to the fields of Chemical, Environmental, Biomedical, Hydraulic, and Materials Engineering, particularly in all cases where a professional is required with an aptitude for scientific research and technological innovation, as well as with a high ability to manage complex scientific-technological problems.

In particular, among the employment opportunities:

  • employment in national and international universities and research institutes
  • employment in research centers of national and multinational companies
  • employment in the Public Administration and in health facilities
  • employment in companies and institutions, both public and private, with the function of coordination, design, programming and management of complex activities
  • entrepreneurial activities related to the creation of innovative start-up companies


Information on the main research topics