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Traineeship activities are included in the educational career of the student and differ from traditional face-to-face lessons and laboratory activities, because are entirely dedicated to ‘how to do’.

Activities are focused in the inclusion of the student within the daily activities and exchange relationships of enterprises, research institutions, professional studios.

Students must refer to the procedure and formats reported below.

Delegate for Georisks and Georesources: Prof. Silvio G. Rotolo

Delegate for Department of Earth and Sea Sciences (DISTEM): Prof. Silvio Rotolo


Council for traineeships (Giunta Didattica): Prof.A. Caruso (Coordinator), Mrs. Rosangela Clemente (Didactic Secretary), Prof. M. Merli, Prof. F. Pepe, Prof. E. Rotigliano, Prof. S.G. Rotolo, I. Ganci (student)


General Regulations

Traineeship Regulationn of Master Degree in Georisks and Georesources

Traineeship General Regulationn of Atheneum – D.R. 708 of 08.03.2017



1) Before the beginning of the traineeship

 Step 1. Student must register on the Almalaurea site, updating her/his CV (web portal ‘Students’ : Altro -> Almalaurea accesso);

  • Applicant has to search and choose the proper company/institution (web portal ‘Students’ Altro -> Almalaurea-Enti/Aziende convenzionati).
  • Applicant has to fill the admission format and send it by e-mail form her/his own UNIPA e-mail ( at the Secretary of Degree in Geological Sciences (Corso di Studio in Scienze Geologiche) (, at least 30 days before the date of inferred start of traineeship

 Step 2. The council for the Degree in geological Sciences checks the regularity of the procedure and approves the application, sending an e-mail to the applicant (within 10 days from the approval date).

 Step 3. After the approval, applicant must contact the Company and prepare the Traineeship agreement (to be compiled by the student in close agreement with the academic and company tutors) which is then loaded onto Almalaurea platform.

The starting date must be fixed not before than 15 days from the approval date (Step 2). As regards the end date must be indicated significantly after the nominal end, in order to prevent the automatic closure of the period in case of forced delay of activities.

Step 4 . The Didactic Secretary (Geological Sciences), after checking all the informations loaded, allows the academic tutor to access on Almalaurea for approval of the learning agreement.

Step 5. The Academic Tutor, after having assessed the congruity of the program, approves the traineeship agreement.

Step 6. The Company Tutor signs the learning agreement and puts the stamp of the company; the applicant has to sign as well, and finally the agreement is loaded on Almalaurea (within 10 days after Step 5).

Step 7. The Didactic Secretary verifies the regularity of the whole procedure and officially starts the traineeship.

2) During the traineeship

Applicant must compile, on a daily basis, the register of attendance. Any request of interruption or anticipate end are proposed by the Company Tutor on the Alma Laurea platform and eventually approved by the didactic secretary.


3) After the traineeship

  • After receiving the e-mail of end of traineeship from the, thje student must fill on the appropriate space on AlmaLaurea platform, (i) questionnaire of ‘evaluation of the traineeship ‘ and (ii) ‘final evaluation for the monitoring of traineeship activities’.
  • The student has also to send by e-mail (exclusively form the e-mail ) to the didactic secretary ( within 30 days since the end date of the traineeship, together with (i) the final technical report (pdf), (ii) in a unique pdf file: the certificate of traineeship + register of attendance + final. Report, using the formats linked below.
  1. Certificate of traineeship
  2. Register of attendance
  3. Final report signed by the student, the company Tutor, the academic tutor
  4. Format Tecnical Report signed by : (i) the applicant, (ii) the academic tutor and (iii) the company tutor


For any information/news refer to the webpage of the Degree


Athenaeum website TIROCINI CURRICULARI (click here)

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