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Access Criteria to be accepted


Free access to the Master of Science (LM) in Neuroscience

To be admitted to the LM in Neurosciences course,  the following requirements must be met:

a) possession of a Bachelor's Degree in classes 1 (Class of the degrees in Biotechnology) and 12 (Class of the degrees in Biological Sciences) (DM 509), and in classes L-2 (Biotechnology) and L-13 (Biological Sciences) (DM 270);
b) possession of a three-year degree or university diploma, provided that at least 60 ECTS of the courses indicated below have been acquired in their Curriculum Studiorum;
c) educational qualification obtained abroad equivalent to the degrees indicated in point a), and deemed suitable in accordance with the current University Didactic Regulations provided that at least 60 ECTS of the courses indicated below have been acquired globally;

At least 24 credits in the sectors BIO / 01, BIO / 02, BIO / 04, BIO / 05, BIO / 06, BIO / 07, BIO / 09, BIO / 10, BIO / 11, BIO / 14, BIO / 16, BIO / 17, BIO / 18, BIO / 19; MED / 01, MED / 03, MED / 04, MED / 07, MED / 08, MED / 26, MED / 37, MED / 39, MED / 48.
At least 18 credits in the sectors FIS / 01-FIS / 08, INF / 01, ING-INF / 05, MAT / 01 -MAT / 09, from CHIM / 01 to CHIM / 12, SECS / 01 or 02, INF / 01, ING-INF / 05, MPS / 02, MPS / 03

For candidates who do not possess these curricular requirements, admission to the Master of Science program is subject to the individual evaluation of the Curriculum Studiorum, which can be completed by acquiring the necessary CFU before enrollment, also by enrolling in individuals. courses and passing the related exams.

In addition to meeting the curricular requirements, the student will have to take part in an interview aimed at assessing critical skills, maturity, expectations, motivations and overall personal preparation, knowledge of the language with a special commission of the faculty of the course. Knowledge of English and Italian languages will be avaluated.

In the case of possession of a qualification obtained abroad, recognized as suitable, the candidate's Curriculum Studiorum is assessed according to the methods described above, after conversion of the credits or qualifications declared in credits attributable to disciplines attributable to the SSD groups already mentioned and any equivalence of the final evaluation of the qualification obtained. Furthermore, for all candidates with a qualification obtained abroad, an interview with the teaching component of the Didactic Commission is still required, in order to demonstrate possession of an appropriate level of knowledge deemed necessary for admission to the Program.

Language requirements

The knowledge, in written and oral form, of the English language, corresponding to level B2/C1, is foreseen among the admission requirements and will be taken from a suitable international certification (IELTS or similar). This requirement is considered fulfilled in the case of candidates who are native English speakers. The minimum level for the English Knowledge accepted is B2. Admission is subject to an evaluation by a Didactic Commission. For students with a level of knowledge of the English language equal to B2 a teaching of scientific English language will be activated as part of the "further language skills "to bring their knowledge to a level equal to C1. 

The knowledge, in written and oral form, of the Italian language will be taken from the Curriculum Studiorum or from another suitable certification, or in any case evaluated by the teaching component of the Didactic Commission. Where necessary, the teaching of the Italian language will be activated in the context of further linguistic knowledge.


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