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Knowledge of the English language to access the Master's Degree in Neurosciences

Sep 17, 2020


Access to the Master's Degree Course in Neurosciences requires a basic knowledge of the English language equal to B2. Although knowledge of the English language will be assessed during the interview, students are asked to produce documentation certifying their level of English.

An easy way to obtain a language certificate that also takes into account the English language credits earned during the studiorum curriculum is to obtain an Open Badge

for more information go to the web page

The commission will evaluate the level of the English language, but you will be admitted with reserve until you have obtained a B2 level certification.

Finally, it should be remembered that the new degree course regulations require graduate students to come out with an English language level C1, so it is also in the student's interest to obtain a degree that can be used in any working environment.

The level of the Italian language will be assessed only for foreign students, but for the sole purpose of activating an Italian language course whose certificate will be recognized upon graduation.