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International Students

General information

3 categories of Summer School exist related to:

1) study of the language and the culture of the visited country

2) I raced specialistic on one determined subject 

3) I raced launchings to choice

The Summer School or Summer University are courses (specialistic, of language and culture, theoretical-practical) organized from the universities or from other corporate body of formation, open to everybody or narrow to students or laureandi or graduates and a certificate of attestation of the linguistic knowledge of the English language is almost always in demand (es.
TOEFL) or of the language of the entertaining country. 

Besides the value in itself of all of this, we signal some other sure advantages for the students: it will improve their knowledge of one or two foreign languages, it will give them the possibility to acquire formative (the universities in Europe more often foresee always the recognition of the course through the system ECTS, that allows to make to be worth the course near his/her own university) credits, and it will give them the possibility to lace relationships that can result useful after the degree, during to look for job.

The courses recognized by the ECTS ( they are worth as formative credits.

The English is the language adopted in almost all the courses.

The registration must happen as a rule with the advance of a few months.

ITASTRA - Italian language School for Foreigners

The School offer courses of Italian Language for all levels, and special advanced courses of Literature, Grammar and Sociolinguistic of Contemporary Italy.

Our offer widens even more with afternoon workshops that go from Cooking, to Cinema, to Photography and to Opera. A small supplementary fee is all you need to enrol to them.

Students will also have the chance, besides studying the Italian Language, to live new experiences while spending enjoyable days at the sea, getting close to the local gastronomy and doing small excursions, all free of charges.

Our tutors, Italian native speaker students, will accompany students enrolled in Summer School for all the duration of the courses and they will show them new aspects of the city and Sicily.   

The School organizes intensive and semi-intensive courses for adult students of any nationality and competence level of Italian (from elementary to advanced level of the Common European Framework):
– Intensive courses provides 4 hours a day in 5 days a week. They usually last 4 weeks
– Semi-intensive courses provides 4 hours a day in 2 days a week. They usually last 5 weeks. 

The students must take a placement test in order to establish their level of competence and consequently guarantee the most suitable course to the student’s needs.

CLA - Language Centre and School of Italian for Foreigners

The Linguistic Center of Athenaeum operates which center for the turned linguistic services to the courses of study of the athenaeum, to the single students, to the inside structures of the athenaeum, to the university institutions and of search in regional, national and international circle, as well as to other public Corporate body and private subjects. To the administrative goals it is individualized what center of delegated expense in breast to the area Formation of the athenaeum.