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The University of Palermo & Research activities


The University of Palermo (UNIPA) is a consolidated cultural, scientific and teaching presence in central-western Sicily. Its 5 Schools and 20 Departments cover the most important domains of contemporary scientific and technological knowledge.

About 122 courses (first and second cycle) are yearly offered as well as 44 master and specialization and 23 PhD courses, targeted to the training of specific professional figures, often in cooperation with external institutions and companies - a galaxy which attracted 11,085 first-year students in 2013/2014 academic year. The University General Hospital is a local health corporation that works in synergy with the Faculty of Medicine. It provides beds, day-hospital beds, and a first-aid service.

UNIPA is also present in Agrigento, Caltanissetta e Trapani.

There is a closed link between UNIPA and the labor market: 3rd students of 1st cycle degree courses and 2nd year students of the 2nd cycle experience practice periods within public or private companies and agencies.

Research activities

Palermo University has 20 Departments, where researchers study every day to find new solution to the questions posed by nature, science and society. From Information Technology to Biology, from Mathematics to Medicine, to Social Sciences and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, the University works to make its contribution of innovation and progress to the international scientific community and the world of production.

In the laboratories – many of which are open to the local community – the first step of collaboration between researchers in the academic world and in the business world are taken, basic and applied research is carried out, and young brains are given the chance to turn their intuitions to good account. Here scientific research finds its application in robotics, pharmaceutical industry, ecology, and medical diagnostics. Successful technological transfer implies the full synergy of innovative technologies, scientific expertise, production systems and processes. Actually, it is necessary to implement a full-fledged system including the “know-how”, production processes, goods, services and organizational and operational skills.

In order to contribute to achieve this goal, the University of Palermo has set up a network of University labs (UniNetLab) for testing and transferring new technologies to SMEs.

UniNetLab is the natural evolution of single consolidation actions of some University labs. It aims at the technological innovation of enterprises for the economic recovery of Southern Italy. The University labs integrated system has been conceived to create synergies among the different types of expertise available. It is also meant to be a centre of reference for other activities of technological transfer of the Universities and research entities operating in our region, in view of using financial resources better and reaching the necessary critical mass of operators in the sector.

In operational terms, UniNetLab ensures the scientific and administrative coordination among the various research units. Nevertheless, each unit is autonomous as to the relations with enterprises which, therefore, can directly apply to the single facilities whose expertise they are interested in.

For greater insight into the range of products and solutions provided by UniNetLab, for precise and updated information on the activities, certifications released and competences of each single lab, you can log onto UniNetLab’s website at