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Evaluation of the Oral Microcirculation in Patients Undergoing Anti COVID-19 Vaccination: A Preliminary Study

  • Authors: Acquaro, A; Brusca, G; Casella, S; Cumbo, EMG; Valle AD; Karobar, MI; Marino, G; Marya, A; Messina, P; Scardina, GA; Tegolo, D; Tocco, A; Valenti, C
  • Publication year: 2022
  • Type: Articolo in rivista
  • OA Link:


Videocapillaroscopy allows the study of both the morphological and architectural structure of the microcirculation and its hemodynamic conditions; these parameters are directly involved in autoimmune and/or inflammatory pathologies. The purpose of this research, based on capillaroscopy, is to establish whether a patient who receives an anti-COVID 19 vaccine has any changes in their oral microcirculation. A complete capillaroscopic mapping of the oral cavity of the subjects examined was made; the investigated mucosa sites were the following: cheek, labial, chewing-gingival and back of the tongue. This study showed an increase in capillary density from the comparison between the mean labial capillary density of vaccinated patients and the reference mean capillary density value of the literature. The increase in capillary density is a sign that can be attributed to an increase in angiogenic activity. The EMA, GACVS and MHRA have reviewed the risk of thrombosis after vaccination, agreeing that the benefits outweigh the risks.