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Synergistic effect of W incorporation and pulsed current mode on wear and tribocorrosion resistance of coatings grown by plasma electrolytic oxidation on 7075 Al alloy

  • Authors: Toulabifard A.; Hakimizad A.; Di Franco F.; Raeissi K.; Santamaria M.
  • Publication year: 2019
  • Type: Articolo in rivista
  • OA Link:


Ceramic coatings were grown by plasma electrolytic oxidation on 7075 Al alloy using unipolar and bipolar pulsed current waveforms with 20 and 40% cathodic duty cycles, from a silicate-based bath without and with the addition of Na2WO4. Pancake-like morphology was dominant on the coatings grown by unipolar waveform, while the bipolar waveforms promoted volcano-like morphology, increased the roughness of the coating surface and the formation of more compact layers. The coatings produced using the bipolar waveforms provided higher resistances toward both tribocorrosion and dry sliding conditions, while further improvement was achieved by the presence of tungsten. The coatings produced in tungstate containing bath using the bipolar waveform with 40% cathodic duty cycle provided the best performance in both sliding conditions, showing ∼90% reduction in volume loss comparing to the coating produced in additive-free electrolyte using unipolar waveform.