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The conservation of the endemic Crop Wild Relatives in the RIBES seed-banks: towards a national priority list for the Italian CWRs

  • Authors: Magrini, S; Atzeri, P; Bacchetta, G; Bedini, G; Carasso, V; Carta, A; Ceriani, R; Ciancaleoni, S; Di Martino,L; Di Santo, M; Fabrini, G; Forte, L; Gratani, L; Negri, V; Porceddu, M; Salmeri, C; Sarigu, R; Scialabba, A; Taffetani, F; Villani, MC; Zappa, E; Mariotti, M
  • Publication year: 2016
  • Type: Abstract in atti di convegno pubblicato in volume
  • OA Link:


Data of 620 crop wild relatives of species of food and fodder interest listed in the Annex I of the FAO Treaty (FAO, 2001) were collected within the census carried out by ISPRA, the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, in 2014-2015 in order to quantify the extent of CWR representation in the Italian ex situ collections. According to such census, the RIBES network preserve 37% of the Italian CWRs listed in the FAO Treaty: in 14 out of 16 seed-banks are preserved 6,029 accessions of 229 CWR taxa, belonging to 11 families and 57 genera.