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Restauro. Concetti: orientamenti e tendenze attuali


The essay is the introduction to the first topic of the Reuso20 conference, "Restoration: contemporary themes for a dialectical comparison". It contains stimulating interventions on the dialectics between Conservation and Accessibility, Conservation and Safety, in the context of religious buildings affected by an earthquake, between Conservation and Reuse, in the areas of churches, monasteries and castles, exemplified by concrete experiences conducted on different types of buildings, together with a reflection on the impact that tourism can induce on the protection of monuments, especially archaeological ones, in the name of 'enhancement'. These are in fact the central themes on which we are debating today, and not only in the field of restoration, but more extensively in the territory of architecture, in the light of the new meanings to be given to the Heritage starting from the emanation of the Code of cultural heritage (d.lgs 42/04), in Italy and with the publication of the Faro Convention (2005) at the international level.