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L'influenza di Gustavo Giovannoni a Palermo tra urbanistica e restauro dei monumenti


The present essay intends to read the events of the PRG of 1939 of Palermo, already known for accurate essays made exclusively from within the urban planning discipline, with a look different intent to trace in them early, embryonic meanings of the culture of restoration that in those years Gustavo Giovannoni (1873-48), enunciated with his theory of 'thinning' expressed already in 1913. The projects presented, but not realized, which included the group headed by Edoardo Caracciolo, father of Sicilian urbanism, still felt the pressing needs of a sanitary nature. The lack in Palermo of a culture still felt on these issues, together with the war event that had just started, would have postponed the debate in which the influence of Giovannoni would have been more consciously felt.