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Arab-norman heritage: state of knowledge and new actions and innovative proposal


This paper wants to offers a perlustrative recognition on the 'state of the studies', concerning to the Arab-Norman architecture of Palermo, admissed by Unesco in 2015 and explain a research in progress which, starting from re-cognition of the peculiarities of the restoration work carried out on it, consisting of the identification of authentic material-constructive values and / or reconstruction, it orients itself to develop a concrete proposal of filing for a more conscious knowledge. She, moreover, want’s contribute to real enhancement through the use of targeted communication strategies that use innovative means capable, on one hand, to attracting the greatest possible number of users, on the other hand, to plan further interventions of conservation coherent with the previous data. The product that you want to achieve is that of a Bank-data that allows the "networking" of monumental emergencies, that become the virtual itineraries waypoint, which can be implemented periodically and whose boards meet the cataloging needs and documentation but with reference at georeferiti-systems, compatibles with the conservation and management of heritage and with need of usability, real and virtual.