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Eight-membered heterocycles with two heteroatoms in a 1,2-relationship of interest in medicinal chemistry

  • Authors: Barbara Parrino; Stella Cascioferro; Daniela Carbone; Girolamo Cirrincione; Patrizia Diana
  • Publication year: 2021
  • Type: Capitolo o Saggio
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This chapter treats 1,2-diheterocines, eight membered heterocyclic systems with two heteroatoms, N, O and S, in an 1,2 relationship, exhibiting biological properties and exhaustively covers the literature from 2007 to the end of November 2019. In this period of time 1,2-diazocine, 1,2-oxazocine, 1,2-dioxocin and 1,5-dithiocin ring systems had derivatives exhibiting pharmacological activities. No articles on biological properties have been reported for 1,2-thiazocines and 1,2-oxathiocins. Besides uncondensed derivatives, 1,2-diheterocines fused with five-, six-, and sevenmembered carbocycles or heterocycles have been reviewed, as well as bridged 1,2-diheterocines.