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Micro determination of dithiocarbamates in pesticide formulations using voltammetry


The purpose of this work was to develop a reliable method for the micro determination of dithiocarbamates (Mancozeb, Maneb, Propineb, Nabam, Na(CH3)2DTC, Zineb, Ziram, Ferbam and Thiram) in pesticide formulations for agriculture using adsorptive stripping voltammetry (AdSV). The accuracy of analytical method was valued by analyzing simulates formulation samples prepared by us with known amounts of active ingredients. In addition, the applicability of the AdSV procedure for the analysis of DTCs and EBDTCs in micro samples was evaluated by estimating its recoveries from spiked commercial formulate samples. The accuracy, valuated as recovery percentage ranged between 85% and 97%. The precision ranged from 1.3 to 6.1%.