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Recover and reutilization of waste matter of coffee preparation. An experiment for Environmental Science Course


This work is designed as an experience for organic and analytical chemistry laboratories involved in environmental science courses. It achieves the following goals: 1. It shows that environmental samples are not homogeneous (1). 2. It is possible to build up students’ confidence in manipulating everyday matter when they are beginning to study scientific subjects and to introduce some methods of sample preparation in analytical chemistry. 3. It demonstrates some fundamental analytical principles (acid–base and redox analysis, solid–liquid and liquid– liquid extraction, etc.). 4. It shows the importance of instrumental analysis, such as gas chromatography, atomic absorption spectroscopy and elemental analysis; knowledge of these techniques of quantitative analysis is necessary for many course programs in chemistry, biology, environmental sciences, etc., so that students may appreciate “real and final” applications. 5. It produces an interesting experiment pertinent to scientific professionals that is inexpensive, does not require advanced techniques, and produces minimal waste.