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Formaldehyde and total aldehydes in indoor air of public environments by voltammetry


The proposed method involves active sampling, where a sampling pump is used to pull air through a solution and voltammetric analysis of the obtained solutions. No interferences have been observed. In addition, very little sample preparation is required. Analyses were performed in 19 indoor stations and one in outdoor. Measurements were carried out on University environments: Museum of Chemistry, Zoological Museum, libraries, laboratories, corridors, meeting rooms, photocopying room, machine shop and terrace. Formaldehyde concentrations in analyzed samples ranged from 2.6 to 85 μg m-3 (median = 32 μg m-3), while the sum of others aldehydes ranged from 2 to 25 μg m-3 (median =2.4 μg m-3). In the sample Zoological Museum 2, the sum of other aldehydes was very high (400 μg m-3). The results demonstrated that artificial ventilation is an efficient system to control indoor air pollution caused by aldehydes emissions.