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Voltammetric Analysis of platinum in environmental matrices


This article will summarize measurement data for Pt in different environmental samples obtained by the authors using a recently developed approach by voltammetric analysis. A fast accumulation of platinum and rhodium in the environmental and biological matrices has been observed in the last few years and concern has arisen about potential environmental and health risks. Voltammetry was used for the determination of Pt and Rh in airborne particulate collected in Palermo, Italy. Possible interferences by other environmental metals have also been evaluated. All samples show concentrations of Pt and Rh above average upper crust values. The Pt and Rh concentrations in particulate samples collected at four air quality monitoring sites within the urban area of Palermo (Italy), where the air pollution often reaches high levels, leading to traffic restrictions. The highest mean values of Pt and Rh concentrations (Pt = 13 pg/m3, Rh = 9.8 pg/m3 with peak values of 33 pg/m3 and 19 pg/m3, respectively) were recorded at the Unità d’Italia urban station, and the lowest at CEP (a neighborhood of the city of Palermo) station (Pt = 3.6 pg/m3, Rh = 0.26 pg/m3), considered as a background station.