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MATLAB-based simulator of a 5kW Fuel Cell for power electronics design


In the last few years, renewable energies have been encouraged by worldwide governments to meet energy saving policies. Among renewable energy sources, fuel cells have attracted much interest for a wide variety of research areas. Since combined heat-power generation is allowed, household appliances are still the most promising applications. Fuel cell-based residential-scaled power supply systems take advantage by simultaneous generation of power and heat, reducing the overall fossil fuel consumption and utilities cost. Modelling is one of the most important topic concerning fuel cell use. In this paper, a measurement-based steady-state and dynamic fuel cell model is presented. The parameters identification procedure is analyzed and the MATLAB/Simulink implementation is shown. The proposed modelling approach is implemented on a 5 kW Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell. As shown by the comparison between experimental and simulation results, the model error is restricted to ±1%, corresponding to a maximum absolute model error of 0.6 V.