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Synchrotron Radiation and Chemistry: Studies of Materials for Renewable Energy Sources

  • Authors: Martorana, A; Giannici, F; Longo, A
  • Publication year: 2015
  • Type: Capitolo o Saggio (Capitolo o saggio)
  • Key words: synchrotron radiation; EXAFS; SAXS; XRD; XANES; XRPD; SR-XRD; fuel cell; dye-sensitized solar cell; hydrogen storage
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We present an overview of selected applications of synchrotron radiation methods to topical chemical research. The analysis is limited to the studies on materials for renewable energy sources, focussing on topics peculiar to chemical research, such as reactivity and synthesis routes; in particular, the paper takes into account subjects having some relevance for the production and storage of energy based on hydrogen. Hydrogen production and storage are taken into account in the sections concerning: (i) Dye-sensitized solar cells, (ii) Metal-organic frameworks and (iii) Hydrides for hydrogen storage; production of energy by fuel cell devices is treated in (iv) Oxide ion and proton conductors and in (v) Electrodes for fuel cells. These arguments allowed to give a coherent outline of the involvement of synchrotron radiation techniques in traditional branches of chemistry such as inorganic and organic chemistry, catalysis and electrochemistry.