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Multilingualism and Ethnic Prejudice. The Mediating Role of Intergroup Contact

  • Authors: Rocco Servidio; Isabella Giammusso; Stefano Boca; Alberto Mirisola
  • Publication year: 2021
  • Type: Articolo in rivista
  • OA Link:


This study explored the relationship between the ability to talk to others in more than one language and ethnic prejudice, considering the quality and quantity of intergroup contact. A structural equation model analysis was carried out on a sample of 631 Italian citizens. The results showed that multilingualism led to an increase of acceptance of intergroup differences and positive attitudes toward Moroccans and that the quality (but not quantity) of intergroup contact-mediated those relationships. The mediating role of the quality of intergroup contact extends previous results on the relationship between multilingualism and positive attitudes toward ethnic out-groups. These findings are important from a scientific point of view, as they enrich the conditions of the intergroup contact hypothesis.