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Formazione e trasformazione di un'immagine urbana. Ricostruzioni architettoniche tra l'asse della via Notarbartolo e il secondo tronco della via Libertà


The contribution presented here is part of a work-in-progress project, which has as its focus the “extra-moenia” urban transformations suffered by the city of Palermo after World War II, with the aim of cataloging, reconstructing and restoring the remarkable heritage -lost in the years of the economic boom and building speculation- in three-dimensional virtual images. The analysis is part of the urban context affected by the extension of via Libertà starting from the intersection with via Notarbartolo, the transversal directional axis conceived in the Giarrusso Plan of 1887 as a connection to the Shipyards and built starting from the subdivisions of Villa Carini in the years 1891-1902. This, constituting the natural continuation of an urban project begun with the subdivisions of the first section of via Libertà and substantially centered on the idea of a garden-district, has unfortunately seen its original structure modified and upset in the image of a modern residential "city" , losing the balance of the original design.