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Redrawing the Past, reimaiging the Future. Gamification project for the reinterpretation of historical architecture

  • Authors: Girgenti Gianmarco; Alessio Antonino
  • Publication year: 2021
  • Type: Contributo in atti di convegno pubblicato in volume
  • OA Link:


The objectives of the work we present concern the reinterpretation of architectural traces of the past with a "gamification" project for educational laboratories to be activated in schools of different order and grade. The methodology used starts from the 3D-reconstruction of disappeared architectures, urban plots where the stratification lends itself to different interpretations, based on the documentary information found and the hypotheses that can be spent directly from reading the artefact. Then it translates everything into diversified outputs to tell the evolution of the monument and the site and its conjectural reconfiguration: from immersive 3D visualization to 3D printing of modular models at the various scales. Since these are hypothetical reconstructions, in some cases poorly certified if not by the actual coincidence with the redraw operations of the current state in relation to the probable reconfiguration, the playful nature of the operation has been accentuated, of possible fantastic re-invention of a place before historical-documentary research sets the growth and development phases with certainty. The practical implications that this entails relate precisely to this recreational aspect, to be understood combined with the study of the monuments and museums in which it is thought to be inserted. The first results produced concern areas of archaeological interest in the historic center of Palermo and areas of "urban archeology" of the modern city, canceled with the uncontrolled building development of the last fifty years; some episodes of "unbuilt architecture", unrealized projects virtually relocated to the places where they had been designed with the reconfiguration of the site on the date of the project itself.