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L'anfiteatro romano di Termini Imerese : ricostruzioni virtuali e vicende storico/architettoniche del sito urbano


The work we present is inspired by the results of an architectural survey that was carried out on the architectural remains of the Roman Amphitheater of Termini Imerese, in order to its possible conjectural reconfiguration and three-dimensional remodeling in a VRML or augmented-reality context. All this has been thought to benefit the development of cultural and archaeological tourism in the site itself. The approach to the site and to the ancient building has, however, focused on urban and territorial analysis since the first inspections, considering mainly the peculiarities that distinguish the historical / architectural vicissitudes of the site. In the Medieval Age the Jewish Quarter was indeed set up above the ancient amphitheater retracing its shape, and this fact led to the radical mutation of an isolated architectural event in a structured urban event in the city context. Even this transformation has, however, been lost throughout the ages.