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Una lettura urbana su Balestrate. Realtà intermedia e nuove possibili centralità


This work was developed at the “R-Lab” project, a workshop that was experimentally promoted by the University of Palermo (teachers, students and researchers) during the academic years 2010-11 and 2011-12. Workshop participants collected and elaborated analysis and proposals in an interdisciplinary and multi-level way (PhD, degree thesis, co-financed research) with lessons, seminars and applied research. Prof. F. Maggio coordinated the section that was titled “Analysis of the smaller towns in Sicily”, and we worked with him within an agreement that was signed with the local administration of Balestrate, a small coastal town in the northwestern Sicily. Our work focuses on some issues of the town. We made an analytical urban survey that systematically highlights problems and resources and tries to suggest some solutions for a possible alternative (economic, touristic, cultural) development of the country.