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3D GPR Model in the Military District of San Giacomo Degli Spagnoli (Palermo)


The georadar method was used to try to find some anthropic structures in a large square inside the Carabinieri barracks in the former military complex of San Giacomo degli Spagnoli in Palermo (Italy). These investigations are part of a broader context of a study of the entire area. The purpose of the investigations is to try to understand if under the ground there are the remains of an ancient horse passage that connected the Royal Palace of Palermo with the sea gate of the city. Furthermore, in the Middle Ages, on the site of the present square, there were most likely two churches, which no longer exist, as evidenced by numerous historical testimonies. One of the two, San Giacomo la Mazara, is known to have was placed right in front of the church of San Paolo, the subject of previous investigations. The investigations carried out on the main square of the military district allowed us to reconstruct a 3D georadar model in which numerous anomalies are highlighted. Some superficial anomalies have been attributed to the presence of sub-services, the deeper ones could be caused by the remains of the medieval underground way or those of the no longer existing medieval churches, but identifying their true nature requires further investigations and archaeological tests.