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Analysis of HVSR Data Using a Modified Centroid-Based Algorithm for Near-Surface Geological Reconstruction


Recently, the use of microtremor techniques for subsoil investigation has increased significantly. The HVSR (Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ratio) technique allows, in many cases, to obtain a seismo-stratigraphic reconstruction of the subsoil and to identify areas with similar seismic behavior. However, the stratigraphic interpretation of the HVSR peaks still remains a subjective choice and linked to a priori information. A non-hierarchical centroid-based algorithm was modified to group HVSR peaks of different measurements that can be attributed to the same generating seismic discontinuity. Some tests performed have shown that the proposed algorithm produces valid results even in the absence of a priori information to evaluate the choice of the optimal grouping. The results obtained for HVSR measurements acquired in the city of Modica (Italy) are presented. The cluster analysis of these data and the information on the lithologies outcropping in the area made it possible to reconstruct a 3D model of the main seismo-stratigraphic discontinuities.