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Integration of stratigraphic data with HVSR measures for studies of seismic microzonation: the case of Oliveri (ME)

  • Authors: Di Stefano, P; Luzio, D; Renda, P; Martorana, R; Capizzi, P; D’Alessandro, A; Messina, N; Napoli, G; Perricone, M; Todaro, S; Zarcone, G
  • Publication year: 2013
  • Type: eedings
  • OA Link:


The seismic microzoning is a technique of analysis of a territory which aims to recognize, at a small scale, the local geological and geomorphologic conditions that may significantly affect the characteristics of the seismic motion, generating stress on structures that could produce permanent and critical effects. In other words, this technique has the objective to predict and evaluate possible site effects as a result of an earthquake. The first phase of the seismic microzoning is the detailed partition of the territory in homogeneous areas with respect to the expected behavior of soils during an earthquake. The seismic micro-zoning is a tool for prevention and reduction of seismic risk particularly effective when used already in the process of planning. The present paper focus on a recent study applied to the Oliveri, a coastal village settled on a coastal plain in north-eastern Sicily.