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Use of sulesomab in the diagnosis of brucellar spondylitis

  • Authors: CASCIO, Antonio; IARIA, CHIARA; CAMPENNI', Alfredo; BLANDINO, Alfredo; BALDARI, Sergio
  • Publication year: 2004
  • Type: Articolo in rivista
  • OA Link:


Twenty-two patients with suspected brucellar spondylitis were investigated to evaluate the possible diagnostic role of Sulesomab, a (99m)Tc-antigranulocyte antibody Fab' fragment. Sensitivity and specificity were compared with those of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Skeletal involvement was detected by MRI in 11 cases, while leukoscintigraphy indicated normal vertebral uptake in seven of these patients, increased uptake in two patients, and decreased uptake in two patients. Leukoscintigraphy of the 11 patients negative by MRI demonstrated increased uptake in two cases. The sensitivity and specificity of leukoscintigraphy were 27.2% and 81.1%, respectively. Based on these results, leukoscintigraphy is not indicated for the management of patients with suspected brucellar spondylitis.