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Application of Chemical Cues in Arthropod Pest Management for Orchards and Vineyards


This chapter reviews the literature on semiochemical-parasitoid systems in perennial crops. The first part of the chapter analyses the possible effects of pheromone-based tactics on parasitoid efficacy. In both orchards and vineyards, the most successful application of synthetic sex pheromones has been their use as mating disruptants. It also discusses the possibility of using parasitoid pheromones to directly affect parasitoid behaviour. The second part of the chapter summarizes research in orchards and vineyards that has tested whether synthetic chemical cues such as herbivore-induced plant volatiles (HIPVs) and host-associated volatiles (HAVs) can be used to manipulate parasitoid behaviour, and specifically to enhance their searching efficacy. Finally, the chapter considers the interaction of semiochemical–parasitoid systems with habitat management as novel combined strategies that have recently been developed to improve the success of semiochemical-based integrated arthropod pest management.