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Experimental investigations of local stochastic resistive switching in yttria stabilized zirconia film on a conductive substrate

  • Authors: Filatov, D O; Novikov, A S; Baranova, V N; Antonov, D A; Kruglov, A V; Antonov, I N; Zdoroveyshchev, A V; Koryazhkina, M N; Gorshkov, O N; Dubkov, A A; Carollo, A; Spagnolo, B
  • Publication year: 2020
  • Type: Articolo in rivista
  • Key words: brownian motion; Diffusion; fluctuation phenomena; stochastic particle dynamics;
  • OA Link:


We report on the results of the experimental investigations of the local resistive switching (RS) in the contact of a conductive atomic force microscope (CAFM) probe to a nanometer-thick yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) film on a conductive substrate under a Gaussian noise voltage applied between the probe and the substrate. The virtual memristor was found to switch randomly between the low resistance state and the high resistance state as a random telegraph signal (RTS). The potential profile of the virtual memristor calculated from its response to the Gaussian white noise shows two local minima, which is peculiar of a bistable nonlinear system.