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Noise-induced resistive switching in a memristor based on ZrO2(Y)/Ta2O5 stack

  • Authors: Filatov, DO; Vrzheshch, DV; Tabakov, OV; Novikov, AS; Belov, AI; Antonov, IN; Sharkov, VV; Koryazhkina, MN; Mikhaylov, AN; Gorshkov, ON; Dubkov, AA; Carollo, A; Spagnolo, B;
  • Publication year: 2019
  • Type: Articolo in rivista
  • OA Link:


Resistive switching (RS) is studied in a memristor based on a ZrO2(Y)/Ta2O5 stack under a white Gaussian noise voltage signal. We have found that the memristor switches between the low resistance state and the high resistance state in a random telegraphic signal (RTS) mode. The effective potential profile of the memristor shows from two to three local minima and depends on the input noise parameters and the memristor operation. These observations indicate the multiplicative character of the noise on the dynamical behavior of the memristor, that is the noise perceived by the memristor depends on the state of the system and its electrical properties are influenced by the noise signal. The detected effects manifest the fundamental intrinsic properties of the memristor as a multistable nonlinear system.