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Design of EMI Filters Using Multi-Objective Optimization

  • Authors: Ala, G.; Conte, G.; Giglia, G.; Francomano, E.; Di Piazza, M.; Luna, M.
  • Publication year: 2018
  • Type: Contributo in atti di convegno pubblicato in volume
  • Key words: Electromagnetic compatibility; Filter design; Motor drive; Optimization;
  • OA Link:


A multi-objective design procedure for EMI filters in power converters is proposed. In a first step, the results obtained by an automatic design of EMI filters for power electronic converters oriented to satisfy the electromagnetic compatibility standards and the power density constraint which impose the minimization of the filter volume and/or weight, are evaluated. In a second step, the power losses and the cost related to the EMI filter configurations are estimated. By using the dominance concept, the EMI filter designs which are part of the Pareto front are selected among a discrete set of feasible configurations. Therefore, the configurations of the Pareto front take into consideration the minimization of the volume, the power loss and the cost of the EMI filter. The design is mapped onto an objective function space in which the different filter implementations are evaluated and compared.