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Scienze Economiche, Aziendali e Statistiche

Validation of Language Certificates - Department of Economics, Business and Statistics

Students holding a language certificate, recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR), that attests a level of language proficiency equal to/higher than that established by their degree program, can request the validation of their certificate and the recognition of the credits following the procedures listed below:

Language teaching   Procedure
Language teaching IS NOT assigned to a reference Professor Students must contact the University Language Center (CLA) - see this webpage for the detailed procedure.
Language teaching IS assigned to a reference Professor  Students must send the Application for recognition of language skills, duly filled out, to the Department Didactic Secretariat ( and/or, along with their certificate.

Language certificates can only be accepted if they fulfill the following requirements:

  • They were issued upon an exam that assessed listening, reading, speaking and writing skills;
  • They were issued not earlier than two years ago;
  • They explicitly report the level of language-communicative proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR);
  • They are self-consistent, i.e. they do not make any reference to other evaluation documents.


Degree program Level of language proficiency (CEFR)
L-15 Scienze del Turismo 

English Language, 1st year, Level B1
English Language, 2nd year, Level B2
French Language, Level B1
Spanish Language, Level B1

L-18 Economia e Amministrazione Aziendale English Language, Level B1
L-33 Economia e Finanza English Language, Level B1
L-37 Sviluppo Economico, Cooperazione Internazionale e Migrazioni English Language, Level B2
L-41 Statistica per l'Analisi dei Dati English Language, Level B1
LM-49 Tourism Systems and Hospitality Management English Language, Level B2
Spanish Language, Level B2
LM-56 Scienze Economiche e Finanziarie English Language, Level B2
LM-77 Scienze Economico-Aziendali English Language, Level B2
LM-82 Statistica e Data Science English Language, Level B2