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Go To Silicon Valley Virtually 2020!

Silicon Valley Study Tour (SVST) seeks to create and maintain an important bridge between young graduates, researchers, business angels, “start-uppers”, managers and entrepreneurs with the many successful Italian and Italian American high tech, biotech and venture capital executives in the Silicon Valley.

The Silicon Valley Tour 2021 will be held in August 2021 (click HERE to access the program).

In the meantime SVST has organized a cycle of live streaming conference Go To Silicon Valley Virtually 2020.

The Go To Silicon Valley Virtually 2020 is a virtual journey where you will discover the story of the italian brilliant minds working at Amazon, The Boring Company, VMware and other tech companies of the Silicon Valley. You will discover how they found a job in Silicon Valley and in the rest of the world after the Silicon Valley Study Tour, what they do and how they work.

Participating to the conferences is critical for participating to the SVST 2021.
Here the registration LINK for participating to the Go To Silicon Valley Virtually 2020.
The full programme for the cycle of live streaming conference can be viewes HERE.

Students that are interend in participating to the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2021 can access the Go To Silicon Valley Virtually 2020 Forum to interact with many SVST Alumni.