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International Students

Information on the procedures for enrolling at the University of Palermo as a foreign student

Before enrolling in an Italian University, at the following link you find detailed information on our University:


Help Desk for Foreign Students:

Rooms or apartment rentals


Office verifies titles academic foreign students:


You need the health insurance for the period of stay in Italy.



“Non-EU applicants resident outside Italy”

Non-EU citizens residing outside Italy must first apply to the Italian embassy or consulate in the Country where they were awarded the title, as they cannot apply for any degree course directly to the University of Palermo. The list of Italian consulates and embassies is available at


The Italian Education System is based on a “3+2” schema which is explained on page

For the academic year 2019/20.
Applicants must fill in and deliver a pre-registration form (Form A). Only one degree course and one University may be chosen.
Chosen courses must have a contingente riservato (a number of reserved places for non-EU students residing outside Italy): check

As far as the application process is concerned, EU/EU equated and non-EU citizens can equally enroll at the University of Palermo, but enrolments follow different steps. In case of dual citizenship, the Italian citizenship prevails (by law 31 May 1995, n. 218 art. 19).

Further information concerning the application process is available on page, where you can also find a list of Italian consulates and embassies and the deadline to fill in and deliver the pre-registration form. Students for the University of Palermo:
If applicants are still attending their last year of school, pre-registration is accepted conditionally.
The Italian embassy or consulate will transmit the list of applicants to the University of Palermo by e-mail, return all required documentation to each applicant, and provide information about admission tests.
Only Italian embassies or consulates can grant applicants student entry visas for Italy, and applicants must provide the Italian embassy or consulate with all required documentation.

N.B.: Tourist visas are not acceptable by the University of Palermo. 

At the University of Palermo
Applicants must pass both the spoken Italian language test (see below) and the admission test to the chosen course (as part of the contingente riservato:, unless they got a high school diploma from an Italian school abroad or from a school mentioned in the allegato 2, available at
After passing all admission tests, if all requirements have been satisfied, applicants will be enrolled.
Eligible applicants who exceed the contingente riservato can request  (only once) to be re-assigned to another course at the same University or at another University, according to the required admission tests.
Official admission regulations for foreign students residing outside Italy (2011-2014): check Ministry of Education, University and Research website (
A non-EU student at an Italian University who has withdrawn and wishes to enroll at the same or another Italian university, cannot use the student visa granted for the previous enrolment, because the conditions required for residence permits no longer apply. A new enrolment requires a new application form, obtainable from the Italian embassy or consulate.