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The effect of hydration layers on the anodic growth and on the dielectric properties of Al2O3 for electrolytic capacitors

  • Authors: Scaduto, G; Santamaria, M; Bocchetta, P; Di Quarto, F
  • Publication year: 2014
  • Type: Articolo in rivista (Articolo in rivista)
  • OA Link:


Hydrous films were grown on high purity and cubicity Al foils for electrolytic capacitors in deionized water, ethylene glycol-deionized water and glycerol-deionized water at different immersion times. According to X-ray diffraction patterns the hydration treatment allowed growing a pseudo boehmite layer on Al surface whose morphology is appreciably affected by the bath composition. Capacitance measurements and photoelectrochemical findings suggest that a more compact barrier layer forms during the immersion in alcohol containing solutions. The hydration in water allowed saving energy and preparing more blocking oxide films. The beneficial effect of hydration in hot water on the specific capacitance was evidenced only for films formed at 300 V due to the crystallization of amorphous alumina in γ′-Al2O 3.