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Multimetallic Oxynitrides Nanoparticles for a New Generation of Photocatalysts

  • Autori: Rao, T.; Saladino, M.; Fang, Y.; Wang, X.; Giordano, C.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2019
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
  • Parole Chiave: dye decomposition; multimetallic nitrides; oxynitrides; urea glass route; water splitting
  • OA Link:


A versatile synthetic strategy for the preparation of multimetallic oxynitrides has been designed and here exemplarily discussed considering the preparation of nanoscaled zinc–gallium oxynitrides and zinc–gallium–indium oxynitrides, two important photocatalysts of new generation, which proved to be active in key energy related processes from pollutant decomposition to overall water splitting. The synthesis presented here allows the preparation of small nanoparticles (less than 20 nm in average diameter), well-defined in size and shape, yet highly crystalline and with the highest surface area reported so far (up to 80 m2 g−1). X-ray diffraction studies show that the final material is not a mixture of single oxides but a distinctive compound. The photocatalytic properties of the oxynitrides have been tested towards the decomposition of an organic dye (as a model reaction for the decomposition of air pollutants), showing better photocatalytic performances than the corresponding pure phases (reaction constant 0.22 h−1), whereas almost no reaction was observed in absence of catalyst or in the dark. The photocatalysts have been also tested for H2 evolution (semi-reaction of the water splitting process) with results comparable to the best literature values but leaving room for further improvement.