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Stand-Alone or Combinatorial Effects of Grafting and Microbial and Non-Microbial Derived Compounds on Vigour, Yield and Nutritive and Functional Quality of Greenhouse Eggplant

  • Autori: Sabatino L.; Consentino B.B.; Ntatsi G.; La Bella S.; Baldassano S.; Rouphael Y.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2022
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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The current research investigated the effects of endophytic fungi such as Trichoderma atroviride (Ta) or Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract (An) and their combination on growth, yield, nutritive and functional features, and mineral profile of ‘Birgah’ F1 eggplant either ungrafted, selfgrafted or grafted onto the Solanum torvum rootstock. Eggplant exposed to An or An+Ta had a significant increase in root collar diameter 50 days after transplanting (RCD50), total yield (TY), marketable yield (MY), ascorbic acid (AA) content, Mg, Cu, and Zn concentration, and a reduction in glycoalkaloids (GLY) compared with the control. Furthermore, grafted plants had a higher TY, MY, number of marketable fruits (NMF), RCD50, AA, Cu, and Zn and a lower SSC, GLY, and Mg than the ungrafted plants. The combination of grafting and An+Ta significantly improved mean weight of marketable fruits (MF), plant height 50 days after transplanting (PH50), number of leaves 50 days after transplanting (NL50), fruit dry matter (FDM), chlorogenic acid (ClA), proteins, and K and Fe concentration. This combination also produced fruits of high premium quality as evidenced by the higher AA and ClA concentration, the lower GLY concentration, and an overall improved mineral profile.