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Solanum aethiopicum gr. gilo and Its Interspecific Hybrid with S. melongena as Alternative Rootstocks for Eggplant: Effects on Vigor, Yield, and Fruit Physicochemical Properties of Cultivar 'Scarlatti'

  • Autori: Leo Sabatino; Giovanni Iapichino; Giuseppe Leonardo Rotino; Eristanna Palazzolo; Giuseppe Mennella; Fabio D’Anna
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2019
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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Grafting is generally considered eective in ameliorating vegetable crop tolerance to bioticand abiotic stresses. The use of interspecific hybrid as rootstock for eggplant may represent a valid alternative approach to enhance eggplant performance. However, studies on the eects of different rootstocks on eggplant plant vigor, yield, and fruit quality traits often show conflicting results. Thus, an experiment was performed in two spring–summer growing seasons (2014 and 2015) by grafting eggplant 'Scarlatti' F1 hybrid on two accessions of S. aethiopicum gr. gilo and on the interspecific hybrid S. melongena x S. aehtiopicum gr. gilo in comparison to the most common eggplant rootstock S. torvum. Results indicate that S. melongena x S. aethiopicum gr. gilo interspecific hybrid and S. torvum improved grafting success, plant vigor, early flowering and yield in 'Scarlatti' F1 scion. All rootstocks tested did not negatively influence fruit apparent quality traits and fruit quality composition. Moreover, fruit glycoalkaloids content remained below the recommended threshold value. These findings suggest that the use of S. melongena x S. aethiopicum gr. gilo interspecific hybrid as rootstock may be a good alternative to the most commonly used S. torvum.